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For those neighbourhoods where mail delivery to a mail slot is still ... Canada Post requires all rural mailboxes to have a minimum interior ... 17.5 cm in width by 17.5 cm in height for a rectangular mailbox, and 45 cm in ...

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When selling oldschool nintendo games, Canada post keeps claiming my envelopes (even non-bubble padded ones ) cannot be sent by small packet or with stamps because they are too thick in height "for the slot". The slot meaning this plexi-glass cutout of a mailslot/evelope sizer they have behind the... How do you send mail to Canada if you live in U.S? | Yahoo… If it is just a regular sized card - like a greeting card then just put 69 cents postage on it and address it properly ( make sure you use the postal code) and drop it in the mail. If it is larger and has to go in a padded envelope or box, then you will have to take it to the post office to get it mailed. Canada Post API Documentation - Postmen Postmen's Canada Post API integration docs for shipping rates and labels. Restful APIs and popular libraries for JSON, PHP, Python, Ruby and more. Canada Post Mail Boxes | 3D Warehouse

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A.Alphabetical directory non-illuminated. B.Bell buttons 5/8" (0.6 cm) dia. installed on either top or bottom frame. C.Card slot. D.Double size door. Please Specify. For Canada Post mail delivery. For private mail distribution, (order CMC master-lock). Aluminum finish. Gold finish. Duro finish. Mail Receptacles Regulations - Justice Laws Website Therefore, His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Honourable André Ouellet, pursuant to section 17 of the Canada Post Corporation Act Footnote *, is pleased hereby to approve the revocation of the Mail Receptacles Regulations, C.R.C., c. 1282 and the making by the Canada Post Corporation on September 7 ... Mail Slots - Mailboxes, Posts & Addresses - The Home Depot The Florence 1570 Type II 12-Compartment Cluster Box The Florence 1570 Type II 12-Compartment Cluster Box Unit (CBU) has the capacity to service up to 12 tenants and includes 1 shared parcel locker. The CBU protects against weather and vandalism with its thick welded heavy-gauge rust-resistant aluminum and stainless steel. How picky is canada post about 20mm size limit for ... I think canada post has a slot that the stuff has to fit through? How picky is canada post about 20mm size limit for letterpost and light packages? - Forums