Application of microstrip slot antenna

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broadband antennas to cover a wide frequency range. The design of an efficient wide band small size antenna, for recent wireless applications, is a major challenge. Microstrip patch antennas have found extensive application in wireless communication system owing to their advantages such as low-profile, conformability, low-cost fabrication and ...

The proposed antenna gives a bandwidth of 4.84 to 6.56 GHz for S11<-10dB. The antenna has the dimensions of 20 mm by 15 mm by 0.8 mm on FR4 substrate. Rectangular slot and step have been used for bandwidth improvement. Index Terms- Wideband antenna, WLANs, ISM band, microstrip patch antenna. I. INTRODUCTION A novel approach for miniaturization of slot antennas ... A Novel Approach for Miniaturization of Slot Antennas Reza Azadegan, Student Member, IEEE, and Kamal Sarabandi, Fellow, IEEE Abstract— With the virtual enforcement of the required boundary condition (BC) at the end of a slot antenna, the area occupied by the resonant antenna can be reduced. To achieve Simulation, Design of Compact Multi-band Microstrip Slot ...

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A Wideband Rectangular-slot Microstrip Array Antenna for A Wideband Rectangular-slot Microstrip Array Antenna for Wireless Applications . Obeng Kwakye Kingsford Sarkodie . It also has a higher bandwidth than [8] and [9] who . Abstract—This paper presents the design of a 2 x 2 microstrip array antenna suitable for wireless applications. The proposed antenna comprises of 4 rectangular patches where

Well, antenna has a wide application ranging from telecommunication to biomedical. Application of antenna in telecomn is known to all.. Antennas are also used in Remote sensing and in defense radar. As in biomedical engineering, antenna is used to cure breast cancer. Application of antennas in curing breast cancer is a new research topic!

A conductive sheet having slots therein is located between dielectric sheets having microstrip feed networks printed thereon forming a multilayered structure which is spaced from a ground plane by a dielectric substrate and covered by … Design of Dual Band Microstrip Antenna Using Reactive Loading

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Design And Analysis Of Compact U Slot Microstrip Patch ... Design And Analysis Of Compact U Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna 13 The radiation patterns of an antenna provide the information that describes how the antenna directs the energy it radiates. As stated earlier, an antenna cannot radiate more total energy than is delivered to its input terminals. A design of Microstrip Patch Antenna using hybrid fractal ...